Mainly operating in the field of technical and design items, we have gained a corporate philosophy through time, aiming to offer to our customers a thorough technical assistance service.

Our technical – commercial office, leaning on competent professionals and relying on cutting edge software, is able to guarantee technical assistance and consulting from the beginning of the technical – economic evaluation of a new product; thus collaborating and integrating with customers' resources.

During the preliminary meetings at client's location, our team analyzes the operative conditions, functional objectives, technical aspects, ergonomics, security, possible assemblies and administrative requests.

The next step consists of elaborating the technical and aesthetical evaluation and presenting an economic proposal for the following services:

  • Product co – designing in 2D and 3D
  • Product industrialization
  • First prototype and possible corrective modifications to the initial 3D model
  • Selection of the suitable plastic materials
  • Mold design and mold building
  • Molding
  • Possible esthetic finish after molding: galvanic treatment, varnishing, painting, screen printing (serigraphy), pad printing (tampography), etc.
  • Possible partial assemblies on board the press machine
  • Possible assemblies after molding, including customized packaging

All of the above services are offered using our best resources in order to guarantee on time delivery, quality and prices in – tune with the expectations and demands of our customers.